Finkel Jewelry


FJ Services

Our Design Process

1. Developing the Idea​

Interact with customer and develop product vision through rough drawings and sketches.

2. Detailing​

Adapt the product vision structure, shading, and texture with realistic hand-drawn renderings.

3. Customer Feedback

Close cooperation to reach the merchant’s expectations and sharpen the prototypes design for final modifications

4. Finalizing

Conclude product vision with 2D & 3D CAD designs to ensure a accurate product model

Our Production Process

1. Master Making & Wax:

Once Design is finalized our handcrafted mold makers create the prototype’s master. The mold is injected with wax then carefully inspected by QC for any flaws before the next step.

2. Casting:

The wax molds are formed on a wax tree for multiple pieces to be cast at the same time. The tree is then placed in the casting machine filling the molds with particular elected precious metals.

3. Filing & Pre-polishing:

In this step, our craftsman ensure high-quality shine and prevent future tarnish in the product.

4. Stone Selecting/Cutting and QC:

Gemstones are carefully selected and checked by our highly professional QC team.

5. Stone Setting:

Gemstones are then placed by hand setting, laser setting, micro setting or glue setting.

6. Final Polishing & QC:

Once the production is complete it is submitted to the QC department; carefully inspecting each individual piece.